Hunter Anchors of Florida presents the newly developed and patented range of FULLY RETRIEVABLESTAINLESS STEEL anchors, a size and type for every boat and every occasion. These anchors are hand crafted and guaranteed to hold your boat or yacht under almost any conditions. Even more important, they are easily retrievable, come up clean and are environmentally friendly.

If you get well and truly hooked, position your boat in the opposite direction to the drag on the anchor.

There is a sliding mechanism on the shank of the anchor. As the boater drives past the anchor, the mechanism engages which allows the anchor to be removed backwards with little or no debris.

This feature, is what makes the anchor environmentally friendly. An anchor retrieval with minimal or no damage to sensitive sea beds or reefs.

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There are three types of boat anchors, depending on your particular need and boating environment:

The Plow

Recommended for boats with winches, this anchor allows you to get weight without bulk. Designed for all types of sea beds, the Plow anchor holds especially well in difficult to anchor grassy bottoms, hard sand, mud and loose or fixed rocky bottoms.

The Grapnel

Excellent for for fixed rocky bottoms. It can take the abuse dealt out by rocks but will not become irretrievable.

The Spade

A "Danforth" style multi-purpose anchor, holds well in sand, grass and rocks.  Still the most commonly used style anchor.

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