Hunter Anchors of Florida is an incorporated company and is owned and operated by Mike Moran.

Mike also owns a successful marine repair and maintenance business and specializes in propellers.

Hunter Anchors is based in Port Richey, Florida, but ships its anchors throughout the United States and Canada.

Mike has a great deal of experience in the marine industry. Having grown up in Florida, Mike has been around boats and boating for over 40 years. He has worked in the marine related business for over 32 years in everything from engine repair and maintenance to repairing and re-pitching propellers.

Having owned his own boat for 30 plus years, Mike noticed two main problems with anchoring:

  • Anchors rust and deteriorate and even while some might remain serviceable they become extremely unattractive and detract from the aesthetic appeal of a nicely turned out boat or yacht.

  • Especially in rocky areas anchors can get caught up and become extremely difficult to retrieve.

  • Anchors can destroy beautiful coral reefs and other sensitive areas.

So he set about on a 4 year project to design the perfect anchor. Not only did Mike want to make an anchor that was impervious to rust and would never get jammed, he also wanted his design to be an attractive accompaniment to any boat. He wanted the owners to be PROUD of their anchor!

Finally, having a huge respect for the beautiful environment he grew up in, Mike wanted the anchor to be environmentally friendly.  This is why he designed the Hunter anchor to be pulled out backwards with its unique sliding mechanism.

After many designs and trials, the Hunter range of anchors was born and patented.

These attractive and hardy anchors are now available to any boater who takes anchoring seriously, and cares about the beautiful waters they travel upon!

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